Advanced Retriever Training (Hunt Test / Field Trial / SRS

$700 per month

If you are interested in your retriever running in Advanced Hunt Tests (Master/Finished) or just want a fine-tuned finished gun dog, then Advanced Retriever Training is the option for you. Moss Bend Retrievers campaigns dogs in both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Hunting Retriever Club (HRC). You will have a truly fine-tuned retriever at the end of Advanced Training that will be able to compete in AKC Master and/or HRC Finished Hunt Tests. This ongoing process takes a minimum of 12 months. Most retrievers competing at these levels are in the 2-3 year old range and older. 

Moss Bend Retrievers also competes in the AKC Field Trials (Derby and Qualifying), as well as the Super Retriever Series (SRS). If interested in having your retriever compete at this level please give us a call to learn more!

"Building Champions One Retrieve At A Time"

Ashly & Ashley Kite

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